Friday, May 22

We left at 7:15 this morning to begin our long trek to San Antonio.  We met up with Kathy Romanos in Georgtown, KY (near Lexington) for dinner at the Golden Chorral buffet.  Pretty good.  We’re now in Horse Cave, KY at the Hampton Inn.  We’re just under 100 miles from Nashville and have approximately 12 hours of driving tomorrow in order to get to Alvarado to meet Rhonda Owen.  I doubt we’ll make it for dinner, but we’re still planning to meet for breakfast.

Random Info (times are estimated):

7:15 a.m. – Burdett, NY – 63F

12:00 p.m. – Cleveland, OH – 72F

1:30- Columbus, OH – 88F

3:30 p.m. – Cincinatti, OH – 94F

5:15 p.m. – Georgetown, KY – 84F

Saturday, May 23

We left around 7:15/7:30 this morning.  We stopped at Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen for breakfast.  They had a buffet so we did that…and what a sad little buffet it was.  It only had the basics…bacon, eggs, sausage, grits, pancakes.  I was hoping for a nice buffet with some fruit, muffins, bagels,  yogurt…something.  Oh well.  It was alright and filled us up and we wound up skipping lunch.  We were ready to get out of the car for a bit when we got to Memphis, so we did.  We found Beale Street and the Orpheum Theatre.  We spent a little bit of time there and then headed out back on the road.  We drove and drove and drove…just like yesterday, actually!  lol  I think it was around 5:00 p.m. that we got to Texarkana.  I saw a pair of the tiniest baby fawns in the grass near the  highway.  They were adorable.  I just hope they were smart enough to not venture any closer.  =(  We hit a fairly heavy rain shortly after, but it finally let up about a half hour later.  We’re now in Mesquite, TX.  I think we arrived around 9:00/9:30 p.m.  We unloaded all our stuff and headed for dinner…which wound up being 10:00/10:30.  Mom’s already sleeping and once I finish up on here I will be too.  Why driving makes you so tired, I have no idea…