Day 3 – 9/25/06

Day 3.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lucky for us, the time change was working in our favor as it was another early morning in RMNP. We were up by 5:30am; this time heading to Sprague Lake. As we pulled into the Sprague Lake parking lot it wasn’t hard to miss the photographer who was hauling a GIGANTIC lens. And I do mean gigantic. It must’ve been 10″ wide and a few feet long. My eyes popped out of my head. It was then that a criminal thought flashed through my mind, “No one’s around…if I just knock him over the head I could steal that lens!” As quickly as the thought came, it went. We parked, loaded up, and headed out to where I Sprague Lakecould get some of those famous reflection shots of Sprague. Ironically, the same gentleman and I wound up quietly working side by side for probably a half hour or more. It was another beautiful morning. Our shutters were clicking right along as the sun kissed the mountains and reflected everything into the lake. Even a little duck floated happily by. It couldn’t have been better. Or could it? I left my things on the bench with Mom and moved myself 20-30 feet away on the small wooden bridge that crosses the lake’s outlet. I spent some time there and when I was finished I went back to the bench where my things were. As I was going through my bag, I noticed some people walking by. As I looked up, the woman said, “Excuse me, is your name Jen?” I immediately recognized them as SandyP and Bill007 from RMNP Forums and DPChallenge. We started chatting and were laughing about “what a small world” it is. Just then, Bill turns to the other gentlemen and says, “Norm? Is that you?” I immediately regretted by earlier thoughts as Norm turnedSprague Lake around. Yep, the gentlemen I was going to knock over the head turned out to be clickhiker from as well! hahaha!! Shhh, don’t tell him. 🙂 We all said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways; Sandy and Bill were heading home to TX, Norm was going to photograph some skittish birds with that 800mm lens of his, and we were going to make our way further around the lake.

We had a nice breakfast back in town at The Other Side Restaurant in the National Park Village plaza. We packed up our things at the motel and headed to the Warming House. This time they were open. Mom wound up getting a nice coat and some gloves for $150. The guy (Dave?) and his helper were very patient and super friendly. He even had quite the sense of humor!

One last stop in town to drop some postcards in the mail and to get some last minute souvenirs and it was off to Aspen by 12:30pm. We left on Rt. 7 and stopped to Saint Malo’s on the way. What a beautiful little church.

.: More to Come :.