Willard Insane Asylum Tour

May 15, 2009
Ovid, NY

The tour was interesting, but many of the buildings (like, all the good ones) were off limits. The best, by far, was the morgue. The others were in decent shape and some are still in use…so they are clean and freshly painted. Not the filthy dirty, chipped paint, and old asylum furniture we were really looking to shoot. Kind of disappointing… Plus, it started raining around 1:30/2:00 and eventually downpoured. On the way home it rained and there was some nice bolts of lighting ahead of us, where we live. By the time we got back to town a storm (wind shear?) had come through and wiped out many trees (some on vehicles) and phone poles. One electric line was smoking in a field and part of it was on fire. No damage at either of our homes, though, luckily.

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