A few months ago a local photographer that I met through work told me about some grants being offered through The Arts of the Southern Tier.  He suggested that we attend the mandatory (to apply) meeting and see if we could collaborate on a project.  I said sure.  So, he did the paperwork and we both had to write bios and submit samples of our work.  He called me yesterday at work after receiving a letter that said…we have been selected to receive a grant in the amount requested — $2,000!!  Our project?  He came up with the idea, and it’s pretty clever.  We will gather old photographs and postcards from the area and then retake the images, trying to recreate them as closely as possible (season, time of day, etc.)  The images will then be put together on several digital photo frames and placed in various places (banks, library, senior housing, etc.) around the county.  The idea is to expose art to a wide demographic in the county.
Cool, huh?!

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  1. That is very cool, so is the idea.
    I am the web administrator Jefferson County Kansas. I have gathered many old photos and postcard from around the county. I just added this idea to my to-do list.

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