Morning Surprise

Long story [kinda] short…  There’s a guy about 20 miles away that raises buffalo for meat.  Supposedly, some animal rights fanatics thought it would be wise to open the fence and let them out…about 17 of them, we hear.  So, for the past 3-4 weeks buffalo have been roaming all over our area (upstate NY).  We’d heard about the sightings, but had yet to see them for ourselves.  We got a call last night near dusk that three of them were up the road.  By the time we raced up there they had taken off down in to gully.  This morning I crawled out of bed (literally!  Ugh, I hate mornings…) and went to the door at the back deck.  I thought I would open it up so the fresh air could come through the screen door.  Then I glanced from left to right if by chance those three bison were around.  Omg… Omg!  OMG!!!  MOMMMMMMMMM!!!  Yep, there they were, munching on the grass in the hedgerow behind or house.  LOL  I couldn’t believe it.  I grabbed the camera, which I had left out to take with me to work “just in case” and snapped some pics.  They aren’t great, but keep in mind it was 6:30am and I wasn’t totally functioning…hence why the first 4 or so came out black because I was in manual mode and hadn’t a clue…  We watched them for maybe 10 minutes until they meandered down the field and up the lane to the woods.

Last week two showed up at the neighbors’ place and tore down part of the cows’ fence.  He called the bison owner who came out.  I’ll leave out the sad and controversial part, but will say that none of the neighbors will be notifying the owner again.

Here’s some pics from this morning.  All three are males, the largest weighing probably 2,000-2,500 pounds, we guesstimate.  The other two are smaller (not shown below), maybe two-thirds the size of the big one.  We hear the big guy is named “George”.

It’s kinda ‘wild’ having these buffalo running around!


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  1. Very cool. The field behind our home use to have Buffalo in it. It was so cool to be sitting at the table eating dinner and watching them roam around.

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