R.I.P. Finny

I’ve never been good at keeping fish. When I was little and would win the fish at the fair, they would last a few days, or maybe a few weeks at the most, and then they would die. We blamed that on them being unhealthy carnival fish to begin with.

Several years ago I looked after a friend’s house and took care of their fish while they were on vacation. I don’t remember how many died on my watch, but I wound up buying quite a few to replace them. Luckily, the kids were old enough not to be traumatized by the loss.

A couple years ago I had been saying that it might be nice to have a little fish on my desk, so Janet (my coworker) bought me a little goldfish for my birthday. I named him Nemo. Nemo lasted a few months and then we walked him to the bathroom where we said a few words and flushed him down the toilet. Poor Nemo…

A few months after losing Nemo Mel, another coworker, brought me a blue betta fish to replace Nemo. I named him Finny Fin Finnigan – Finny for short. Bettas are pretty hardy and he seemed to handle things well. Last Friday I noticed he had one bulging eye, which, after a quick internet search, revealed he had a bacterial infection aptly named “popeye”. So, over the weekend I went to Petco and spent seven bucks on fish meds in hopes to get him well. It wasn’t meant to be, as when I arrived at work this morning I found Finny laying sideways at the bottom of the bowl with his face smooshed between the decorative rocks. Popeye killed Finny. And so, once again, I took the walk to the porcelain god and flushed little Finny into fishy heaven. Now my coworkers think I should give up on fish and perhaps try a hamster. I don’t think that’s a good idea though…if a hamster died on a long weekend, that would surely stink up the place. Fish don’t do that.


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  1. I’m sorry about Finny. My youngest is the same way, but with cats. They’re really hard to get rid of. They don’t flush and the garbage men take a dim view of trash depositing. I agree…hamsters may not be a good idea. Maybe a virtual pet??


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